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Get Started Today With No Payment Due Until Certain Work Has Been Completed On Your File.

Most Credit Repair companies charge an average of $350, per deleted account on your credit report. This becomes incredibly expensive very quickly, considering the average credit report has 11 erroneous items which could and should be removed. CreditStryke’s Credit Repair pricing makes it affordable by providing UNLIMITED credit disputes and deletions for a fraction of the standard cost.

$99 mo
$149 Setup Fee
  • • 24-Hour Client Portal, aka CLARITY
  • • In-Depth Credit Audit
  • • Personal Info Clean Up
  • • Big 5 Data Miner Freeze
  • • Monthly Bureau & Creditor Disputes
  • • Advanced Item 3rd Party Disputes
  • • USPS Certified Letter Service
  • • Inquiry Deletion Assistance
  • • Credit Monitoring Integration
  • • Home Purchase Counseling
  • • Big Trucking Purchase Counseling
  • • New Credit Establishment
  • • 24/7 Status Tracking
  • • Best In-Class Phone/SMS Support
  • • Credit Builder Program Assist
  • • Auto Repossession Disputes
  • • Dispute Verbiage Removal
  • • Hidden Bureau Disputes
  • • Bankruptcy Deletion Assistance
  • • Judgement Disputes

*The client must maintain 3rd party credit monitoring service, which costs $29.95 per month.


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90 Day Money Back Guarantee Credit Repair Services

You have the right to cancel your contract with any credit repair organization for any reason within 3 business days from the date you signed it.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee Credit Repair Services

Try Our No-Risk Credit Repair ServicesCreditStryke 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Collections on your report makes an enormous negative impact on your score. Paying off a collections account does not automatically remove it from your credit report.
Charge-Offs can drastically reduce your credit score and stay on your credit for seven years. Our credit repair experts can dispute these items directly with the credit bureaus.
Late payments typically stay on your credit report for seven years and can negatively impact your credit score as long as they remain on your credit history.
Repossession can be removed from your credit report in some situations, especially if they are inaccurate. There are a several strategies we can utilize to try to remove one.
To remove a bankruptcy from your credit report, you’ll need to find evidence that the bankruptcy was reported inaccurately. Otherwise, it will only come off after seven or ten years.
Removing a foreclosure from your credit report requires time and patience. You can dispute it, but you’ll need the right documentation to demonstrate that it doesn’t belong on your credit report.


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